Jacqui Lovell (Business Owner)

My love of animals began with my dog Whisky who I grew up with.  Whisky was a mixed breed and the perfect family pet.  I recall growing up asking my Dad for a tiger.  He said I’d need a special license to which I just suggested he simply went to the Post Office to apply for one.  Instead, I had my first cat Tigger (a tabby) who was semi-feral and only four weeks old at the time but with love and care he became a perfect family cat – with no license being required!

After that I had more cats, Maui, Amber, Kobi and now Kiki.  All, except Amber were from the RSPCA or the Cats Protection League.  When we moved to Worcestershire we had Ella, our first Goldie who we had from eight weeks of age.  In time we wanted a second dog so we decided to have a litter with Ella which was the most amazing experience. From that litter we kept Bailey, with Ella’s other siblings going to lovely families who we still see and hear from.

I have volunteered at Worcester Animal Rescue Shelter and Vale Wildlife Hospital and many of our holidays have revolved around wildlife or involved visits to animal sanctuaries and of course petting and feeding the stray dogs and cats.

Roger Blake LLB (Finance Director and Pet Carer)

Roger’s first love of animals began with his Red Setter Cleo who he lived with from a very young age. Then came Scamp who was a Yorkshire Terrier followed by a variety of small pets including gerbils, a tortoise, a budgerigar and an African Grey Parrot.

Ben and Kim were the next family pets, Roger’s beloved Black Labradors.  Both were his faithful friends, so much so that when he went on his round the world gap year, he returned early as he missed them so much.

When he is not spending time with his dogs he can always be found outside both gardening and growing an abundance of vegetables (of which Ella and Bailey are quite partial to fruit picked straight from the tree). Roger, Ella and Bailey have a close affinity with Gardeners World and often mistake themselves as Monty Don, Nigel and Nelly.

Christine Boase (Dog Walker and Pet Carer)

Christine’s love of animals started at the age of 2 years with a little black & white crossbreed dog called Bruce. Lance, a handsome German Shepherd followed. When she married she got her first of many cats, Pepper, a beautiful & fluffy long haired tabby. Over the years Christine has had “many creatures great & small”. The most embarrassing was her horse, Berwick, who tripped up in the stable yard & Christine toppled off over his neck & head in front of some children and their ponies. One of the most amusing was her African Grey Parrot, Oscar, who could imitate numerous noises & learned many phrases. He could sing “chick chick chick chick chicken, lay a little egg for me”. Dogs include Yorkies, Minature Schnauzer, Labrador, Doberman and many more. At the moment she has two very pretty 18 moth  old cats, Alfreda & Cassie, rescues from the RSPCA. Christine volunteered at the Mid Worcestershire RSPCA (The Holdings) for two years from January 2017 where she helps the staff to look after the cats in their care. Animals have always been Christine’s life.

Christine is Canine First Aid trained and has completed the Covid 19 – Disease Control for Pet Professionals with the Pet Industry Federation.


Alan Munro (Dog Walker and Pet Carer)

Alan’s first love for animals came at a very early age with two welsh corgis called Patches and Billy, and a ginger Tom cat called Shandy.    After being married for a few years and having two young children  they decided to add to their family by having a Red  Setter who they called Bruno.   Bruno gave them thirteen years of happiness.  They also had a Gordon Setter and an English Setter during that time  but unfortunately the Gordon Setter had an irregular heartbeat and passed away aged five.  The English setter lived to a good age.     Alan then decided that they should have another Red  Setter, so along came Barney who was from a litter of thirteen and a Best in Breed at Crufts .

Today Alan has a Red setter called Rory, two Black Labradors called Jet and Diesel and two cats , Guinness and Peaches. Jet now nine was adopted and Diesel who is two and half should have been a therapy dog for my late disabled daughter.     When not walking his  dogs, you will find Alan running with Diesel in and around the countryside.  They love park runs and have had two  first places in little less than a year.  Alan regularly runs 30 miles a week.

Alan is Canine First Aid trained and has completed the Covid 19 – Disease Control for Pet Professionals with the Pet Industry Federation. 

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