For Our Love Of Pets’ Services

All our services start with a free visit to your home to meet you and your pets to ensure we know exactly what theirs and your requirements are.  For dog home boarding, a visit with our proposed host would also be arranged to ensure everyone is happy with who we suggest followed by an overnight stay to ensure your dog is happy and can settle.

Dog Walking

Some dogs prefer one-to-one time while others would like a playmate or two.  For Our Love of Pets offers your best friend the choice.  We’ll ensure dogs with similar needs and temperaments are walked together where requested – but never with more than three in a group.  For growing puppies, a walk with a friend is a great way to help with their socialisation.  For those who prefer one-to-one time we’ll provide a lovely walk where the attention is all their’s.  If your best friend has a favourite place, we’ll try to take them there if we can.

Pet Sitting


If the thought of leaving your best friend in a kennel fills you with dread, pet sitting is a great alternative.  If you are going on holiday, working away, having a weekend break or attending a wedding out of town, you’ll need someone to look after your best friend.   Pet sitting is the answer.  We will find the most suitable person to meet your best friend’s needs and you will have an opportunity to meet the person who will look after your dog, cat or rabbit while you are away.  Our pet sitters are animal lovers and will provide your best friend with all the love, cuddles, walks and attention they need while you are away. We’ll keep you updated with emails and photographs so you can relax in the knowledge that your best friend is having their own lovely holiday.

Cat Visits

Cats are creatures of habit and really do not like moving from their homes.  Rather than opt for a cattery while you are away, how about having one of our cat lovers pop in as many times a day as your cat needs.  That way you will have peace of mind that your beloved cat is in the comfort of their own home while you are away.  We will feed them, provide fresh water, give cuddles, play games, groom, clean litter trays and provide whatever else your cats need to ensure they are very well looked after.  With this service, we can carry out basic home duties such as bringing in the post, switching lights on or off and closing or opening curtains to ensure your home looks occupied. If you need your plants watering, don’t forget to mention it when we meet.

Small Pet Visits

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and other small pets cannot be forgotten and are very much a part of family life.  If you need someone to look after your smaller pets while you are away we can pop in to see them and to make sure they are fed, provided with fresh water and fresh bedding, with cuddles and play time being a given of course.  Again with this service, we can carry out basic home duties such as bringing in the post, switching lights on or off and closing or opening curtains thereby making your home look occupied.  You may prefer that your smaller pets go to stay in one of our hosts’ homes.  Do get in touch and tell us what your preference is and we’ll work with you to find the right solution.

Puppy Sitting

Welcoming a new puppy into your home takes a lot of time and commitment. In the early months, house training, helping them adapt to their new environment and teaching them the basic rules is essential and is key to the dog he or she will become.  You may take some time off to settle puppy in but if you need to go back to work or can’t be there all the time, the training and attention needs to continue.  We can visit your new puppy to help you with that process while you are out and then progress them on to walks if that’s your longer-term plan.  We will follow your strict guidelines during our visit in terms of what you would like your puppy to learn, to understand and to know.

Wedding Chaperone

Your Wedding Day is so important and so is your best friend who is a huge part of your life. So, why not have your dog as an extra special guest on your big day – don’t let them miss out. If we don’t already know your dog from walks, we will spend time with them before the day to ensure they get to know and trust us. We will also take a full brief from you to understand exactly what part you would like them to play during their time at your Wedding. Then, working with your venue and your photographer we will ensure they can share at least a part of your Wedding Day, maybe just for the photographs, maybe a ring bearer – whatever you are thinking, let’s plan this part of your day together to ensure it is exactly as you’ve hoped for. On the day of your Wedding, we will collect your extra special guest and ensure they are with you at the agreed time.  We will carry out all requests agreed with you while we are there with your dog and then deliver them safely back to the agreed destination once they have had a thoroughly lovely time with you. Having owned a Wedding Planning business, I completely understand how much goes into the planning of such a special day. This means that my experience and knowledge will only really add to the perfect day you are planning when your dog can be a part of it. 

If your best friend is not a dog and you’d like them to be a part of your Wedding Day please get in touch, we’d love to see if we can make their attendance happen for you.

If your special event is not a Wedding but you’d still like your furry friend there, please get in touch to see if we can help.

Training Reinforcement

Everyone has different training methods and attend a variety of training classes whether that is rewards based, positive reinforcement, clicker training or perhaps field training.  If you’d like to ensure yours and your best friend’s efforts have not been in vein, we can offer training reinforcement during our time with them.  You tell us what you have learned and which aspects you would like us to focus on and we’ll work with them to improve their learning.  This will require one-to-one sessions.

Vet Visits

If your pet needs to go to the vet and you do not have a means of transportation or perhaps you need to be at work, we can step in for you.  We can either pick both of you up or just your pet.  We will attend the vet visit with you or on your behalf and then bring both of you or just your pet safely back home afterwards providing you with a full and detailed report from the vet.

Pet Transportation

If you can’t get your best friend to their home boarding holiday, the vets, your Wedding or anywhere else you may need to get them to we can offer a pick-up and drop off service ensuring they are delivered safely from door to door.

Pet Recuperation

If the unfortunate happens resulting in your pet requiring surgery and following that surgery they need recuperation or physio we can help you with that.  Sometimes rehabilitation can go on for weeks and if you need to be at work but your pet needs day time treatment or medication we can pop in and ensure your pet has all the recuperation they need allowing them to get back on the road to recovery sooner rather than later.

A Quick Last Minute Visit for your pet

If you are already a customer and you find yourself stuck in a meeting, held up in traffic or any other means of delay and are not going to be home for hours, just pick up the phone to us.  We will always try to pop across to make sure that your best friend is not left wondering where you are and more importantly where dinner is!

Anything Else

If there’s something else that will help you to provide for you best friend’s needs and none of the above suit, please call and if we can help, we will.  And if you have a best friend who is not particularly mentioned above, again please call and if we can help we will.

We are also now looking after sheep so if they are part of your extended family and you are planning a trip away, please do get in touch.