Honest reliable and trustworthy person

We have recently used Jacqui while taking a lovely holiday abroad. Jacqui was fantastic and very reliable. Both of our golden retrievers day boarded with her and her two beautiful goldens. We were updated daily with pictures and how they had been. Our oldest Molly was recovering from an operation and Jacqui’s very caring nature completed reassured us they were having a great time and were being well cared for. I would definitely recommend For the Love of Pets to anyone looking for an honest reliable and trustworthy person with your most beloved pets. Thank you so much Jacqui from Jane, Paul, Molly and Poppy.

Jane Aston

For Our Love of Pets have been a God send

Without any family locally and not wanting to leave my cat Luna in a cattery, For Our Love of Pets have been a God send on the few times I’ve been away. Knowing that Jacqui will be there daily to make sure Luna has not just food and water but also a good bit of company is really reassuring, and means I can totally relax when I’m away! A really great service & great value. Highly recommend.

Lily Willcocks

Wonderful with our sheep

Jacqui was wonderful with our sheep, was totally reliable and on time with her visits, kept us informed as we requested, and was very organised. I felt our animals were in very good hands and I would thoroughly recommend For Our love of Pets. 

Sue Hedge

Highly professional … Jacqui has been a star 

I would absolutely recommend Jacqui and For Our Love of Pets. She has been highly professional from the start, taking the time to get to know Freddy, learn his personality and can tell she loves all the animals she visits and walks. She makes sure to think about any routines they have, and send an update on how they got on and if he’s been up to any mischief. My working hours can be unpredictable or I need to be away for the day at short notice and Jacqui has been a star at accommodating us wherever she can to make sure Freddy gets the walk and fusses he needs when I can’t get home. That flexibility is key for us and is greatly appreciated. Your beloved pet will be in safe hands with For Our Love of Pets. 

Cerian Thomas

Uber professional

I have been using For Our Love of Pets for 9 months now and they are brilliant.  Uber professional, very friendly and adore my now not-so-small puppy.  Jacqui will also help with advice for those of us new dog owners too which had been really appreciated.  Thank you. xx 

Jo Moseley

Very friendly, professional and overall lovely

Jacqui looked after our very hyper Alaskan malamute Harley on our wedding day. I’m normally a bit of a worrier when it comes to Harley as she is very bouncy but after meeting Jacqui before hand i had no worries at all as she was very friendly, professional and overall lovely. Jacqui brought Harley to our special day for some photos with us and had good control of her (and that’s not easy trust me! ) Harleys part in the wedding went off without a hitch, and i would thoroughly recommend Jacqui’s services. Many thanks again to Jacqui.

Stephie Jefferies

I would recommend her highly and know Uther loved her walks.

Jacqui walked our dog while we were away for a week. It was wonderful to get messages with photos of him after their walk. One of our neighbours heard her talking to him and said it was so lovely. I still have yet to meet her as my husband organised it all, but I would recommend her highly and know Uther loved her walks. Thank you so much!

Emily Papirnik

Professional, reliable services from a genuine animal lover

Jacqui has been walking our whippets for a few months now and has been fantastic. It’s nice to come home from work to tired dogs knowing that they have had a good walk during the day. On occasion we have had to change the days that walking is required and Jacqui has always accommodated us. More recently we have used the cat sitting service whilst on holiday. It was lovely to leave the cat in his own home whilst we were away. As well as receiving the odd message and photo to reassure us that the cat was doing well. I would absolutely recommend for a professional, reliable services from a genuine animal lover

Suzanne Blunty

So thankful

Jacqui helped Poppy be part of our wedding at the beginning of this month and we are so thankful for her help and support. She spent time with us and getting to know her so it all worked perfect on the day, which it did. We are so grateful. Steve, Sarah and Poppy* 

Sarah Wheeler

A fabulous dog walker

Jacqui is a fabulous dog walker.   One of my dog is rather anti social and she manages him so well and I can go to work knowing they are both looked after.   I would definitely recommend Jacqui to look after your pets.

Emma Bond

Someone who adores animals

For our love of pets has just begun dog walking for my 6 month old puppy. I have been really impressed with everything and Truffle loves Jacqui. It’s early days but I know Truffle is in safe hands with someone who adores animals. I’m really happy.  

Katerina Kempson

A dedicated service from genuinely caring people!

Jacqui and her team have been looking after our family dog on a regular basis as I am unable be there for her as much as usual.
Such a relief to have a dedicated service from genuinely caring people!
Our dog, Rosa, a whippet x greyhound looks forward to her visits very much. She is so happy and I have piece of mind from the regular feedbacks from Jacqui. Great service, highly recommend…thank you x

Rachel Burnett

Fantastically cared for

For our Love of Pets have visited my cats several times now when I’ve been away for work. They’ve been fantastically cared for, (fed, fussed and medication given). I received daily updates on them which put my mind at rest. My cats and I would recommend For our Love of Pets to anyone who needs a cat sitter

Izzie Latham

Exceptional dog walker

I would definitely recommend Jacqui and For Our Love Of pets for walking my dog Bruno. I was a little worried because Bruno is an exuberant boxer and quite strong and not great around other dogs. He can become very excited when he first meets a new human, but this did not phase Jacqui at all. She was very calm and relaxed with him and spent time getting to know him, his environment and us, before walks were even booked. Jacqui was very professional too, making sure that everything was in place eg vacinations and form filling, past history etc. Jacqui has such a good rapport with him that he was happy to let her take control and I was confident leaving him in her capable hands. Also, I could look at the website or text to see how well he was doing which made me very happy. I would not hesitate to call For Our Love of Pets if you are looking for an exceptional dog walker. 

Sian Grainger

Can’t recommend Jacqui enough

We used For Our Love of Pets recently and can’t recommend Jacqui enough. She has achieved a lovely mix of being professional but more importantly love and warmth towards our dogs. Jacqui spent some time with us before the date we needed, which was lovely to see the dogs interact with her and get to know her, as well as going through all the needed paperwork. We will definitely use Jacqui again. 

Sue Funning

Absolutely brilliant!

We would highly recommend Jacqui for dog-walking services. Right from the start when she came to our house to meet us all she was very friendly, approachable, professional, thorough, and genuinely cared for our dogs. We use her to walk our two beloved furry kids Jackson & Darcy whilst we’re both at work. She calls us straight away if there have been any issues or behavioural changes, always sends us pictures/videos of the walk, and leaves us a daily note to read about their day for when we get home. It’s very reassuring leaving for work in the morning knowing that our dogs are in great hands with Jacqui. Despite them having separation anxiety they are always calm and very happy when we arrive home so we know they’ve had a good, stimulating walk. 

Mike and Laura Parkin