Have you taken on a new puppy or adopted a rescue during Lockdown?

As I am walking dogs around our lovely Worcestershire countryside it is so nice to see so many new puppies and rescue dogs in the area.  Last year and the start of this year has been a very challenging year for everyone and it is lovely to see that so many of you have looked at your lives and decided that there is room in them for one more.  That one more being a gorgeous furry family member.  Welcome to the world of dog owning, a world you will never want to look back from.

While it is lovely for your new family member having you around all day, most days, there is going to come a time when we will get back to some kind of normal. This may mean having to leave your home to go to work, even if that is only for a few days a week.  When that happens, your puppy/dog is likely to struggle a little and possibly suffer from separation anxiety.  His or her normal is always having you there – it will be a big change for them.  In order to try to prevent any issues it might be worth you considering introducing your puppy/dog to someone who will be able to provide puppy visits or dog walks if you do have to go back to the office or leave home to work.  That way they will build a relationship with that person, can get used to being taken on walks from their home with another person.  That will help them to build a slightly different routine, even if it is only one day a week, in readiness for the new “normal”.

I am not saying that we are the only business to provide any of these services for your puppy or dog but I do think it’s important to think about this.  For Our Love of Pets can of course offer puppy visits and dog walks and would be delighted to hear from you if it is something you think you may need whether that is next week or in the coming months.

For further information please call Jacqui on 07787 543555 or email Jacqui@forourloveofpets.co.uk.